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After six years at USON Nevers, François Herry heads north to begin his retraining

Régis Dumange presented him with the “First Prize for Comradeship” at the farewell party for the departing players. Before his final season with Nevers, François Herry will have played just ten games, but the middle three quarters will still have played an important part in the USON’s best season in Pro D2, guaranteeing the good spirits of a close-knit group. When a recruit arrives at Nevers, it is often through him that she gets good advice. “If you can do good, but you don’t, it’s like you’re doing bad. Me, when I arrived at Aurillac training center, I had a lot of problems for the first two months. So I make sure it goes well with new players. †

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François Herry, who attaches great importance to group life, has been served this season. “Players who thought a little less about the collective left the club. And we built something strong. For me, camaraderie and friendship is what allows you to create group dynamics that can take you very far. In a sport, this collective struggle , based on brotherhood, it is the unity of the group that makes the difference. Since I have been in Nevers, we have managed to develop this chemistry three times. First of all, the season of the emergence. We do not have a great season, we miss some matches, like in Aubenas, but we come into the final phase with a very healthy group and we knock over Aix-en-Provence in the semi-finals. For me it was already the final. We miss the first leg in the final, in Chambéry, but we unleash hell on the return. Then, the year the Covid stopped us, we only went up in the rankings and ended with a win in Biarritz. This year we don’t have to miss much to get to the final to go, because that we had achieved good cohesion. †

In the end, anything is possible. If you lose, you play a home game. And to be honest with the Pré-Fleuri at the end of the season we had the feeling that nothing could happen to us.

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If USON had taken the hurdle in Mons, François Herry could even imagine USON in the Top 14. “Everything is possible in the final. If you lose, you play a home game. And to be honest, at the Pré-Fleuri, at the end of the season, we had the feeling that nothing could happen to us. But we miss each other on details in Mont-de-Marsan. We’re having trouble with the worn mauls. If we manage to organize it well, we let the ball go. Dan Yoan (Cotton) is really not far from scoring on his interception. If we were to score there, in this way, it would have become very complicated for them. And then there’s this transformation that’s missing. Just things you don’t normally miss. †

I was a little worried that we would get overwhelmed at Mont-de-Marsan, because Thomas (Ceyte)’s speech in the locker room shocked us all.

The Neversois managed to realize an event that almost all of them discovered. “As we approach a semi-final, you need to know how to handle your emotions. I remember a semifinal against Pau with La Rochelle. The staff first showed us a video montage of everything Pau had done to us during the two league games. Bad shots, provocations… And then at the end of the video we got messages from our loved ones. We all cried and it became difficult to control our emotions. We were ready to take them by the throat and the game degenerated. I was a little worried that we would get overwhelmed at Mont-de-Marsan, because Thomas (Ceyte)’s speech in the locker room shocked us all. But we responded anyway. †

Rugby player and soldier, like in high school

Although he could have hung up his crampons, François Herry will take on a final challenge next season in Marcq-en-Barœul, which has taken over the torch of northern rugby since the disappearance of the high level in Lille in 2015. “My wife will be there. already, so it’s a good chance. And there’s a great project, in Nationale 2. If I can help them grow, so much the better. There is a real pool of young players in the north who don’t necessarily have a natural outlet for professional rugby. Young people often go to Parisian clubs, but there is not room for everyone there. Nevers can become a destination for them. The USON has already worked with club Marcquois, where Mark Erasmus plays, while scrum half Arthurs Barbier will do the opposite this summer.
At the same time, the 33-year-old center is starting the renovation. “I pass the gendarmerie competition in September and the oral exams in December. I come from a military family and went to military high school in Autun, where I played rugby sevens. It’s another way to close the loop. †

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