Foot PSG - Galtier arrives at PSG, Mbappé lets go on Friday

Foot PSG – Galtier arrives at PSG, Mbappé lets go on Friday

The PSG revolution is slowly getting under way, even as Christophe Galtier is getting closer and closer to the sidelines. Kylian Mbappe has decided to speak from New York.

In the midst of the holidays, Kylian Mbappé has just as often decided to make an extended stay in the United States. At the beginning of his career he had launched part of his business across the Atlantic, and he continues to do so in the entertainment field after taking on the fashion world. At just 23, the PSG striker knows what he wants, and he showed it in May when he announced his contract extension in Paris while everyone was waiting for him at Real Madrid. There is no doubt that the former Monegasque had sacred guarantees to continue the adventure with the champion of France. Luis Campos was one of them, and the signing of Zinedine Zidane has likely been mooted. Despite Qatar’s enormous effort, the French coach will not be joining PSG and it will be Christophe Galtier who takes on the direction of Paris.

For many Paris fans, it’s a disappointment, as Zidane’s appearance would have allowed them to bring out the best in the roster and, most importantly, allow Parisian stars to finally be part of a close-knit team. According to certain indiscretions in the media, the PSG players were also convinced that Zizou would put his bags on the bench in the Parc des Princes. Was this also the case for Kylian Mbappe? The answer will not be long in coming, as the French team striker will speak next Friday.

PSG is on the interview menu

BFM announces this in a preview of an interview that will be broadcast on the news channel this Friday. Kylian Mbappé, who is currently in New York to participate in the actions of his foundation that helps children, took the opportunity to confide in Jean-Baptiste Boursier’s microphone for an interview on the heights of the Big Apple . The broadcast of this interview already conducted will take place at 7 pm and the content promises to discuss topics that are close to the heart of the tricolor player, on a personal level but also in relation to PSG. Following his media tour following his contract extension, Kylian Mbappe is sure to express his feelings, a month after the big announcement, about PSG’s first actions for this famous “revolution” that is still happening slowly.

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